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Rewilding your diet with Equisetum Telmateia/Giant Horsetail

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Equisetum Telmateia commonly known as the Giant Horse Tail Plant: In the old days we would go to the forest and gather the weeks wilds.The wildfoods that our ancestors choose to use as culinary staples in their diets. To help support their health & well being, Immune systems, as disease prevention and medicinal support. I want to help you open youre eyes to the ancestral knowledge Ive been seekings & learning, Through the sharing of knowledge from amazing herbalists. I have deep graditude to be able to carry this information now & to be able to share it with you. Equisetum Telmateia- commonly known as Giant Horse Tail Habitat: Horse tail grows in moisture & nutrient rich soil. You can find it on the edge of a wet forest in the spring months. During this time it can be harvested by a herbalist before its needles reach a 45 degree angle. Once they reach a 45 degrss angle it is past its prime for harvesting due to the silca begining to grow into microscopic crystal formations. It is less bioavilable at this stage can may cause irritation in the kidneys. Constituents of the plant include: Silica,equisetic acid,olatile oils, resin and alkaloids. Health benifits Overview: Giant Horsetail is exreamly high in a mineral called Silica. When the plant is younge the silica is bioavailable. Silica is a very benifital mineral to our bodies, from its ability to restore connective tissue in our joints, helping relieve arthritus & helping mend the gut lining. Joint & Connective Tissues Health: Silica strengthens the collagen in our bodies which is responsiable for the make up of our connective tissue, ligaments, and cartilage in our joints. Silica also improves the elasticity of the collagen. Relieving Arthritus: Silica increases collagens ability to be flexiable and also strengthens the connective tissues, ligaments and cartilage around the joints. In return relieves the stress on the joints, leading to a reduction inflamation & Arthritus. Gut Linging Repair: Silica helps to rebuild & strengthen the tissues of the gut lining, stomch mussles and digestive tract. Food sensitivity, poor diet, parasites and other injuries can result in the break down of the gut wall, which can lead to autoimmune diease, food allergies and other disease. Boosts Bone Health:Silica assistists the body to uptake calcium. Silica is vital to bone health in this way because of its ability to increase calcium uptake. Proper calcium absorbsion prevents deterioration of the bones and also promotes teeth & gum health.

Hair, Skin & Nail Health: Silica helps maintain healthy collegen in the body. Collegen is a major part of what your hair strength, skin health and nail durability relie on. Other Foods that contain Silica: Leafy greens,cucumber, celery, asparagus, oats, millet, barley, sweet potatoes,beans, leeks, and strawberries contain silica. Horetail ranks highest silca volume in this list.

Apple Cider Vinegar Plant Extracts

The Benifits: To extract high concentraions of the essential minerals like silica from Giant horsetail we need a extraction liquid that preserves the plants benifits and also preserves them. This is where apple cider vinegar comes in. There are 3 major ways to make extracts of plants that preserve them. There is Vinegar, 70% Alcohol & Honey. These are all very different methods and they pull different constituents from the plant. Vinger extracts the minerals and water soliuble constutients. Alchol extracts a variety of constutients but the not minerals and honey is as a variety of constutients and minerals. For this reason we use apple cider vinegar as our menstrum. Use: Now this is a great plant to use in small amounts daily. It is traditionaly used in chinese medicine as a daily tonic for bone & joint health maintenace. Recommended Doseage: Minimum: 30 drops in a beverage or straight on your tounge once a day Maximum : 1 oz once a day This is not a strict reccomendation because hoursetail is a gental herb to work with and even if you were to go over 1 oz it will not harm you. This recomendation is to provide a percentage in which you will recieve medicinal benefits. Note: When trying new herbs always begin with small doseages to see if your body has a allergic reaction. I recommend 3 drops on your skin & then 3 drops on your tounge to simply test. Enjoy rewilding your diet! Sincerly, The Foraging Magpie<3

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1 Comment

Michelle J
Michelle J
Apr 06, 2020

The Foraging Magpie has been such an inspiration to me to get healthy using what this wonderful earth has given us. With her indepth knowledge and patient guidance, I am learning so much about natures beauty in so many ways. Megan has started me on a healing path that already has made so much difference in my life. The horsetail infusions are amazing at helping to restore my gut health and give me a renewed feeling every day. This is essential especially in the world crisis we are experiencing now.

I look forward to the next step in my journey to a better me with Megan, The Foraging Magpie!

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