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Herbal Tea


A balance of holistic wellness, self care ritual & whimsy.

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This herbal tea blend is designed to help you tune into your body & creatrix self.

The combination of holy basil, licorice root & milky oats are a powerful trio to help restore natural balance to your nervous system. This allows you to regain space for the connection with the creatrix with in. Ginger root is here to help boost that spark of inner fire & encouraging the moveent of energy. To help you explore & understand these herbs & thier beinfits more, each herbal tea ritual includes a Materia Medica on each herb in your herbal tea ritual blend.

Tuning In Tea Blend

30 day Herbal Ritual Tea Blend

Over a 30 day period you can shift neurological pathways & create new routines.

By keeping to your herbal tea ritual tea blend & intention setting practice for the next 30 days, you are opening up a powerful channel to tune into new energy.

Organicaly Sourced Herbs

Each herbal tea ritual blend is Organically sourced. Sources vary from organically home-grown (uncertified), locally foraged(in remote areas away from human influence) or organically certified herbs sourced from

Mountain Rose Herbs.

Sustainable packing

Each herb in your herbal tea ritual blend is packaged separately to ensure proper dosage when brewing.

Each herb is packaged in reusable cloth bags.

Herbal Materia Medica

Each herbal tea ritual comes with a PDF Materia Medica print out of each herb in the blend. This will allow you to understand the benefits of each herb & the roles they play in your wellness ritual.

Example Page
Example Herbal Tea Ritual booklet Mat Med colour right.png

Intention Setting & Ritual

This Herbal Tea Ritual is a Whimsical way to set intention & revitalize your inner well. INCLUDED is a 20 page inspirational booklet

to help you set up your daily ritual practice.

Example Page
Example Herbal Tea Ritual booklet process.png
Example Page
Example Herbal Tea Ritual booklet Over view.png
Example Page
Example- Herbal Tea Ritual booklet opening.png

Herbal Tea Ritual Box Set

Taking the Whimsy to the next level


Ritual Journal

Each Herbal Tea Ritual BOX SET comes with a whimsical handmade ritual journal. This journal is where you can show up for yourself in your ritual practice & write your intention setting journal prompts(included in your Herbal Tea Ritual Booklet) or just enjoy exploring self expression through this unique ritual journal.


Altar Cloth

Each Herbal Tea Ritual BOX SET comes with a hand made eco dyed altar cloth to adorn your altar space for your ritual practice.

Wooden Ritual Box

Each Herbal Tea Ritual BOX SET comes with a wooden ritual box & lid to hold all your ritual setting articals.


Black bees
wax Candles

Each Herbal Tea Ritual BOX SET comes with
2 black bees wax candles that are sourced from a
local beekeepers(Fredrichs Honey) bees wax.


Herbal Tea Ritual


There are 2 options for your Herbal Tea Ritual Journey

Drink tea
HTR The journey begins button.png

Herbal Tea Ritual

Pre-Formulated balanced herbal tea blend ready to go with PDF printable booklet of herbal actions, ritual setting & lunar intention setting.

HTR The journey begins button.png

Herbal Tea Ritual
with pre-formulated
tea blend

A special collection of hand crafted ritual setting creations to pair with your Herbal Tea ritual blend& PDF ritual setting & materia medica booklet. Includes a ritual journal that is hand bound & eco dyed, a Eco dyed Alter cloth, 2 black local beeswax candles, organicaly garden grown sagewort & a wooden ritual box to hold everything.

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